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Project Description

Control Surveys have been engaged in undertaking ongoing volume surveys at a large mining facility located in the mid west for the last number of years. At the end of each quarter the storage areas at the facility are surveyed to measure how much cubic meters of raw material have been used in the production process and how much end product has been generated.

The material is stored at several different locations throughout the region both outdoors and indoors in large sheds. Our surveyors use GPS and Reflectorless Total Stations to collect the data including remote measuring techniques to survey inaccessible or hazardous areas.

Carlson survey software is used to calculate the volumes and to provide comprehensive reporting and map output which gives our client excellent backup and confidence in our results.

Our efficient techniques and co-ordination of our surveyors and equipment allow us to carry out the fieldwork and produce the final results within a short period of time which is an essential client requirement.