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Survey Services

Topographical/Land Surveys

Topographical/land surveys are required for a variety of reasons such as the development of a green field site, boundary surveys, planning applications and urban projects. There is a high degree of detail involved in this type of survey. All natural features such as trees, earth mounds, water courses, high/low points etc and man made features such as roads, fences, paths, services etc. are surveyed using the latest technology available namely GPS and Robotic Total Stations. Using Reflectorless...More 

Building Surveys

Building surveys are required for numerous reasons including the recording of newly completed structures and the redevelopment and future-use planning of existing buildings. As your building surveyor we can provide accurate and detailed floor plans, elevations and cross sections of all types of buildings ranging from residential to large-scale commercial properties with minimum disruption to occupiers of the building. A typical floor plan would show all structural features such as walls, wi...More 

Quarry Surveys

Quarry Surveys can be required for a muliple of reasons such as to ensure work carried out so far complies with planning permission guidelines as outlined under Section 261 of The Planning and Development Act and also for quarry managers to plan for future development of the quarry. We at control surveys can provide such a service by carrying out a complete survey of the quarry showing all buildings, structures, haulage roads, tailings ponds, cliff faces, stockpiles etc and by creating a con...More 

Setting Out

By providing Control Surveys with the architects or engineers design drawings, which are then overlaid onto the original survey, a large number of features such as buildings, roads, boundaries, services etc can be set out on the ground quickly and efficiently using traditional Total Station methods and/or GPS techniques. As a result any spatial issues (such as not enough space for the last house) that could arise by an incorrectly set out site are avoided. A map showing all points setout is pro...More 

GPS Surveys

GPS Surveys have revolutionised the way surveyors carry out their work and is now the principal method of capturing survey information in the field. It allows large open tracts of land to be surveyed in a fraction of the time. Using GPS we at Control Surveys can carry out surveys of extensive areas quickly and efficiently and therefore pass on the cost saving to the client. Any areas that cannot be surveyed using GPS such as urban canyons and near dense vegetation are surveyed using Robotic tot...More 

As Built Surveys

As built surveys are undertaken to establish the actual position on the ground of features versus the proposed design location. Typically as built surveys are carried out on completed developments such as a housing estate so that the responsibility of maintaining the development can be passed on to the local authority. All services, boundaries, roads and houses are surveyed together with the foul and surface water manholes. The local authority can also require the cover level, invert level, pip...More 

Legal Mapping

Possession is nine tenths of the law, and the map is the legal record of possession. It is of the utmost importance that mapping and associated surveys are an accurate representation of what is on the ground to avoid lengthy and costly legal proceedings, which can result if the necessary care and attention is not taken from the outset. We at Control Surveys carry out surveys related to a wide range of legal mapping issues, which are detailed below. As well as legal mapping services, we also off...More