Leica Robotic Total Station

The Leica TCRP1205 R300 Robotic Total Station gives us at Control Surveys a very versatile Robotic Total Station surveying tool. A communication link between the Total Station and prism pole makes it possible for just one operator to carry out a survey, controlling the survey instrument from the prism pole.

Survey InstrumentThe Total Station works with an Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) sensor that tracks and follows the prism. If lock is interrupted, for example, by interruption of the signal by a vehicle driving between base-station and prism, software is used that predicts the prism’s path. This may often, but not always prevent loss of contact. To re-establish contact after loss, a technology Leica has termed Power Search makes a quick laser scan of the broad environment to quickly re-establish lock.

Survey Instrument StationThe reflectorless mode of the Total Station allows measurements to inaccessible or hard to reach targets up to 1000m away which is a particular advantage when carrying out elevation surveys and recording the ridge and eaves heights of adjoining properties.

For land and building survey applications the most beneficial feature for the client is that one surveyor can do the job, thus saving time and money while in no means compromising accuracy.