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Surveying Equipment

Robotic Total Station

Leica Robotic Total Station The Leica TCRP1205 R300 Robotic Total Station gives us at Control Surveys a very versatile Robotic Total Station surveying tool. A communication link between the Total Station and prism pole makes it possible for just one operator to carry out a survey, controlling the survey instrument from the prism pole. The Total Station works with an Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) sensor that tracks and follows the prism. If lock is interrupted, for example, by interruption o...More 

Global Positioning System

Leica GPS 500 The Leica Global Positioning System (GPS) 500 is the GPS survey equipment currently in use by Control Surveys and is the principal method of capturing survey information in the field. The main components of the system are the Base Station and Rover which allows a position to be calculated anywhere on the earths surface. While optical instruments require a direct line of sight form theĀ  survey instrument to the target, GPS does not and as a result a surveyor can move more freely th...More